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Aural intercourse: erotic podcast provides stories to excite your ears

For the group at Dipsea, a podcast software that releases erotic sex-positive sound tales, the important piece in just about any of the shorts may be the listener’s imagination.

In a global where a great deal of easily available pornography is artistic, Dipsea is challenging its readers to reconsider sex. By processing erotica through their headphones, audience are “envisioning one thing in line with the blueprint that people give them”, Gina Gutierrez, certainly one of Dipsea’s founders, stated.

“The truth we hold dear is the fact that sex can be mental as it’s real,” Gutierrez proceeded. “It’s not merely about stimulation. It’s about imagination. It is about inspiration.”

Dipsea started, like a lot of its tales, over late-night chats and wine.

Gutierrez and her co-founder, Faye Keegan, would stay around their buddies’ home tables in bay area, speaking about Keegan’s affinity for the Starz show Outlander as well as its numerous sexy scenes. Okumaya devam et