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The one thing they are going to do, relentlessly, is chat you up on the street, in the exact middle of your day.

We invested years travelling alone on the list of guys of Italy. Wef only I experienced known all those insider guidelines, which I’ve now learnt from personal Italian Hubby!


Italian guys is going to do things that overstep “boundaries” in your tradition. Their boundaries are very different.

at times i’ve been followed the complete period of a road by men offering ice-cream, asking if I experienced a boyfriend, and congratulating me personally on having “two beautifuls blue eyes.”

Ciao Bellissima! You wanna licka me?

In Italian tradition it really is fine to achieve this by as it is not considered intimidating day. The moment the sun’s rays decreases, the behaviour that is same seen as sleazy and hopeless.

Therefore if anybody attempts to pick you up while you’re taking pictures of some water fountain, he’s most likely a boy that is nice however if some body attempts to chat you up in a club or nightclub, you ought to offer him the brush-off.


In the event that standard of pestering that you will get from Italian men is destroying your vacation, you’ll want to abandon your shorts and backpack and put a mini skirt on, all of the makeup that gravity licenses and moobs of wedge heels that seem like the plinth of a marble statue. (be mindful in the event that you choose spiky heels such as these; they are able to get jammed between cobble stones.)

The sleazier men that are italian their fortune with tourists who they think are probably difficult up for male attention; if you’re in Birkenstock sandals, this means YOU. In peace if they think you are out of their league, they will leave you.

Telling males to have lost

If you’re experiencing intimidated and want a man to disappear completely, say “Mi lasci in rate?” angrily. It means “Will I am left by you in peace?” and it constantly works. Okumaya devam et