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Expert dancer and virgin Raheem desires a person who is able to pop some techniques regarding the dancefloor as well as in the sack

Show 7 Episode 4: Raheem & Jerome

Rugby player Jerome requires a self- self- confidence improve to get their fortunate woman.

Series 7 Episode 3: Jessica & Clare

Jessica, that is 28, is really a real-life Bridget Jones who would like the man that is perfect enhance her dirty part. Opera blued coupons singer Clare, who is 21, is seeking a person who strikes all of the right records.

Show 7 Episode 2: Leanne & Conor

Recently divorced Leanne desires an experimental guy to share her new-found passion for intercourse and frozen dessert. Ex-US marine Conor has seen a great amount of action but struggles to communicate with females.

Show 7 Episode 1: Brian & Shaida

Twenty-three-year-old Brian from Kent, who is a virgin and it has no clue about intercourse, and 27-year-old Shaida from London, that is experiencing the stress to be in down, strip to get their perfect partner

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