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Without further ado, we provide to you personally five of the very peculiar intimate encounters of my entire life

The following activities are, for good or for bad, absolutely real. Names, certain areas, and measurements are altered/omitted to guard the identities of these included.

1. High On lifetime (and some other stuff): A “26-year-old” guy (in reality nearer to 35) came out inside my modest Harwood abode, of which point he procured from their backpack a case of crystal meth that, within minutes, precluded him from counting last two.

A couple of huffs of keyboard cleaner, ample whiffs of poppers, a energetic rimming session and a genuine inquiry into “whether or perhaps not this generation believes in vampires” later on, the thing I would deem the encounter that is strangest of my entire life received shakily to an in depth.

2. The Drinker: i shall preface that one by mentioning that I didn’t recognize exactly how — exactly how shall we say — screwed this situation is at enough time

Considering that it absolutely was just my second go at making love along with the really deflowerer that is same. Straight back during my wayward youth, an innocent amount of time in which “I happened to be a high,if you will” I consented to a game of “Backdoor Bop-It. This is, needless to say, done protection that is using that I thought would be to avoid the slither-juice from going into the partner.

Let’s just say … he had been thirsty much more means than one. I’m no nutritionist, but I’m guessing you can find better protein sources.

3. No Dessert: After investing a pleasant lunchtime in Beverly Hills with a level lovelier (i.e. good) fellow, we gone back to their apartment to hold away and “watch Netflix.” With absolutely nothing but my newly-obtained Versace jockstrap and also the confidence befitting a reasonably depressed university student, I strutted determinedly to the bedroom and … well … nothing happened.

Evidently, the hangover that is“mild he’d alluded to at the start of the encounter ended up being really a severe ecstasy comedown, the one that took the might from their willy. Okumaya devam et