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Uploaded on October, the roast that is comedic of Sidemen has gained lots of traction on YouTube, having accrued over 4 million views in under a day.

Lawson had been quick to reference JJ’s reputation for abortions together with his previous girlfriends, in-light regarding the rivalry between KSI and Logan Paul… “The build-up to KSI vs. Logan has been intense. JJ hasn’t threatened to finish a life with a hook since his ex-girlfriend got pregnant.”

2. JaackMaate doubled-down on W2S and Vikkstar

Dean discovered a transition that is shrewd their next laugh, by combining Harry’s history with a play on Vikkstar’s battle: “I hate exactly how people treat various users of the Sidemen… after all if Harry takes out a bag unexpectedly, it’s celebration time. Yet if Vik does it… somebody call the bomb squad!”

1. W2S takes a “Total Whiteout” regarding the chin

Through the mid-section of their skit, Stephen Tries referenced WS2’s history with drugs with a savvy play-on-words in mention of British television shows: “Harry battles with two things: movie ideas and remaining sober. Okumaya devam et