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Movie: A Large Number Of Dudes Got Duped In Mass Tinder Date At Union Square

This past Sunday afternoon, lots of guys reached Union Square thinking these people were catching a DJ set with a Tinder date. Rather, they arrived to appreciate they certainly were all just pawns in a vintage, brilliantly performed new york scam. [Update: could you genuinely believe that a video that is viral is claiming to own helped create this "mass date"?]

Spencer M. told Gothamist which he matched on Tinder with a woman known as Natasha around a month ago.

“She contacted me personally, she stated, ‘hey we should sometime get a drink. But, oh, I got organized by this presentation therefore why don’t we take action later on.’ therefore 30 days goes on and she says ‘Hey, i am finally free, do you realy want to fulfill me personally at Union Square for my buddy’s DJ set, we will get a drink and now we’ll see just what occurs’” Spencer stated, noting that Natasha utilized the winky face emoji at the conclusion.

Spencer stated he arrived in the north eastern end of Union Square on Sunday afternoon around 6 p.m., to get “a massive sausage fest.”

“there have been hundreds of guys waiting around for this DJ, but little did i understand these people were waiting on her behalf too.”

Whenever girl he knew as Natasha took the phase, Spencer states he left.

“I’m maybe not saying that We have the absolute most self-respect on the planet, but whom the fuck would remain?”

I’m planning to let you know an tale that is epic subterfuge, dating within the twenty-first century additionally the autumn of individual civilization. This really happened certainly to me also it could occur to you too. Find some popcorn. *Thread*

Nicholas, 28, from Union City, nj-new jersey, stated if she actually stated her premise in a clear way that he stayed so he could “look her right in the eye to see. Okumaya devam et