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EMPLOYER Tone Central is an online library of free, online content provided for users of selected EMPLOYER Multi Effects, Synthesizers and L p Stations*

How To Get COMPLIMENTARY Patches and L ps at EMPLOYER Tone Central

By connecting to BOSS Tone Central (BTC), users have immediate access to a whole portfolio of expertly crafted content including

  • Multi-effects patches made to replicate electric guitar tones from well-known tracks
  • Workhorse guitar tone spots crafted by top industry session players
  • Guitar tones spots submitted by top title guitar players such as Steve Lukather, Herman Li, Marty Friedman, Steve Stevens and more
  • Backing tracks created by top session that is live readily available for down load into your BOSS L p facility. To learn more about how to load backing tracks have a l k at our article here.

Available via the free BOSS Tone Studio software, BOSS Tone Central is an invaluable resource for all users of EMPLOYER Multi-Effects or L p Stations. As many users of multi-effects processors already know, there is absolutely no thing that is such a lot of guitar tones! Boss Tone Central provides you with a free collection of patches, tones and l ps to pay for all your backing tracks and tonal needs.

Some artist created patches and l ps to unlock the full potential of your BOSS Multi Effects processor or L p Station in this article, we’ll explain how YOU can access BOSS Tone Central and download.

*BOSS G ds Compatible with EMPLOYER Tone Central Multi Effects L per Amplifier

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