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Because he wished to make on a clean getaway. Why do bananas wear suntan cream?

Why do bananas wear suntan cream?

Simply because they peel.

exactly What did the janitor state as he jumped from the cabinet?

Why did the person with one hand cross the trail?

To access the second-hand shop.

What bow can’t be tied up?

Exactly just just What period can it be while you are for a trampoline?

What exactly is red and has the scent of blue paint?

Why do fish inhabit saltwater?

Because pepper makes them sneeze!

Why did the birdie go right to the medical center?

Getting a treatment

Just exactly exactly What has one mind, one base, and four feet?

Where did the computer go dance?

Exactly why is England the wettest nation?

As the queen has reigned here for decades!

Why did the banana go directly to the physician?

Because it had not been peeling well

Why did the computer go right to the medical practitioner?

Because a virus was had by it!

Why did Roger head out having a prune?

Because he couldn’t find a romantic date!

just What occurred to your dog that swallowed a firefly?

It barked with pleasure!

How do you shoot a killer bee?

By having a bee-bee gun

just What did the traffic light state to your automobile?

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Don’t appearance, I’m planning to alter!

Whom earns a full time income driving their clients away?

Exactly exactly What did the tiny mountain state into the big hill?

Exactly just exactly What did Winnie The Pooh tell their representative?

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