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The Arabs of Palestine, it was admitted, are as healthy to govern by themselves while the Arabs of Iraq or Syria.

The Jews of Palestine are as healthy to govern by themselves as any arranged and educated community in European countries. Yet, connected since they are underneath the Mandate, self-government is impracticable for both individuals. The Mandate may not be completely implemented nor datingmentor.org/escort/buffalo manages to do it honourably terminate within the freedom of an undivided Palestine unless the conflict between Arab and Jew may be composed.

The Commission recapitulate the conclusions lay out in this area of the Report, and summarize the Arab and grievances that are jewish their suggestions for the elimination of such as for example are genuine. They add, but, why these are not the suggestions which their terms of guide need. They shall maybe maybe maybe not, in other words, remove the grievances nor prevent their recurrence. They truly are the most readily useful palliatives the Commission can develop for the condition from where Palestine is enduring, however they are just palliatives. They are unable to cure the problem. Okumaya devam et