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What exactly is gaslighting? And exactly how have you any idea whether or not it’s taking place to you? pt.2

How gaslighting happens

In line with the nationwide Domestic Violence Hotline’s reality sheet, the methods a gaslighter may used to manipulate some other person may include:

  • Withholding (meaning he/she will not listen or says they understand that is don’t
  • Countering (if the abuser questions the memory that is gaslightee’s of event)
  • Blocking/diverting (if the abuser changes the niche or questions the victim’s reasoning)
  • Trivializing (making the victim’s requirements or emotions appear unimportant)
  • Forgetting/denial (as soon as the manipulator pretends to have forgotten exactly what really occurred or denies one thing she or he had formerly consented to)

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