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I became their fantasy woman he had been in love beside me he want me personally before the time he died

Several days before our split, from the he said unique:

I became their dream woman he had been in love beside me he would want me personally before the time he passed away that is all appropriate. Therefore, one i texted him and asked if there was any way we could maybe set aside like 5 minutes at night for each other night. With that said, i must say i didn’t think I happened to be asking for much. He explained one thing such as (we just remember equipment so bare if we cool things down for right now, I have to put all of my attention on my dad and if that means I’ll have to make up for it later, I have to do that, You’re a good woman *me*, that loyalty isn’t lost on me, I refuse to be depressed over this anymore By ‘this’ he was referring to the fact that he can’t give me attention and he felt guilty or something with me): I think it’s best. Keep in mind: this will be all taking place via text, so I’m LIVID at this time, it comes to this like this is to AT LEAST call the person as I think the respectful thing to do when. Plus, this is a bit of a surprise in my opinion and so I really was upset. Okumaya devam et