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What’s the lowest quantity that are financed for a 5 12 months car finance? Pay day loan?

what’s the cheapest quantity that may be financed on a 5 12 months car finance? We have been taking a look at purchasing a 2004 automobile with 40k kilometers upon it. There’s been a bankruptcy who has a voluntary repo on it. It is often released year that is last. We’ve been authorized for the loan. We think the dealership is wanting to incorporate cash on the automobile to help make a revenue by saying there must be a certain quantity for the mortgage to endure. The vehicle is detailed for 8140 plus they are attempting to sell it to us for 9000. Trade in is owned away right. No negative equity included to loan. What’s the cheapest quantity a bank will fund for the 2004 car for a 5 12 months loan? Many Many Many Thanks :) Please please please assist. PLEASE!? To create a long story short, we attempted to obtain my credit report information online from annualcreditreport.com, plus it asked those individual concerns confirming who you really are. It asked exactly just exactly what company i took home financing loan from in 1998, and just exactly exactly what year used to do, in addition to a car loan in 2002! I have NO basic concept where these arrived from. I happened to be 10 in 1998. Theres no real way I possibly could have inked that! Okumaya devam et