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Reddit Desires To Run Ladies’ Life; Offers Dating Tips, Memes And Judgement


A Reddit handle provides advice that is dating women ­- the Subreddit r/femaledatingstrategy (FDS) is a mixture of both conservative and feminist viewpoints. But, it not merely would like to offer advice that is dating women but in addition moving judgments regarding the men they date.

The forum claims to be run by only females and had been started about a year back. It calls itself, really the only spot on Reddit, where women can safely vent their concerns out in regards to the men these are typically dating. The Subreddit is directed at helping women overcome men who “devalue them, ignore them or abuse them.”

The Subreddit ended up being recently credited by the Wall Street Journal for supplying much-needed “honesty and tough love.”

But, the Subreddit is not exactly that. Within the garb of protecting females against toxic masculinity, it actually really wants to run women’s life. It gives some extremely conservative guidelines that don’t have a location in today’s some time age. It sounds a lot more like an magazine that pop over to these guys is 80’s “A man MUST treat you like a queen from the start” or “Don’t Settle on the cheap.”

However, in addition it possesses its own guidelines, that is the part that is troubling. FDS has a listing of guidelines for females to follow along with, which border on social and conservatism that is sexual it opposes consensual BDSM, viewing porn and intercourse before dedication. Okumaya devam et