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She never ever shied far from calling by herself bisexual, whether as conflict or as convenience.

She may be dropping for Alex… but she’s maybe maybe maybe not homosexual! She states this a complete lot, “I’m not gay!” “I can’t be homosexual!” Her cousin is homosexual, the thing is that, and she does not think her moms and dads are designed for two homosexual children. Guest Star Kevin Smith tells her to quit getting hung up on sex and follow her heart just, and she does, using the plunge to openly date Alex. whenever she and Alex split up (they’re maybe not a good match, let’s be real), her closest friend Hazel laments, “I just got accustomed you being a lesbian,” and Paige reminds her so it’s perhaps not about her and also “I’m able to date whoever i’d like, child or girl.” The Palex Storyline, Round One, causes a couple of revelations: Pagie realizes she’s into girls and boys, Alex realizes she’s a lesbian. Okumaya devam et