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Dating App Fatigue: Young Singaporeans That Are All Swiped Out On Tinder Share Their Stories

Like many millennials around the world, Singaporeans are also facing dating application tiredness.

this is certainly me saying goodbye… to that rush as a stranger that is not-so-handsome looks nothing like their photo, touches my leg and laughs at something mediocre which renders my lips. This is certainly me saying goodbye to wondering how many other times he has been with this week if he’ll disappear completely from my Whatsapp and life, when this evening comes to an end. —Rose Goodman, Believe Catalog : This Will Be Me Goodbye that is saying to Dating

Like many good inventions, dating apps seem to fill a void. They allow for flirting where in actuality the pain of rejection are contained within your phone screen.

The avocado toast of dating apps, Tinder, appeared to revolutionise dating with its feature—if that is two-swipes-make-a-match you, it should suggest you have chemistry and would hit it well right?

No more pub crawling to hook up; no further speed that is awkward; no longer guessing games. Or that’s what dating apps seemed to promise.

But things went south quickly. We attempt to realize from dating-app natives why they have been feeling the dating-app burnout.

Nicholas continued nearly 100 times and discovered no one suitable

Nicholas, a third-year college student, lingered on dating apps for the good 5 years. Bumble, Coffee Meets Bagel, Tinder; he tried them all.

The 24-year-old has been on close to a hundred dates but the experience felt more like Sierra Burgess is just a Loser than 500 Days of Summer.

He cites being catfished as one of the significant reasons why online dating is tiresome.

“Girls understand the angles that are right take, but in truth, they look different.”

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