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The reactions to both available and closed ended questions do permit a few findings that are general.

Due to the little quantity of transgender participants in this study (n=43), it’s not feasible to come up with statistically significant findings concerning the views of the subgroup. But, their study reactions are represented within the findings in regards to the complete LGBT populace through the entire study.

The reactions to both available and shut ended questions do enable a couple of basic findings. As an example, among transgender participants to the study, many state they first felt their sex had been distinct from their delivery intercourse before puberty. For several, being transgender is really a core element of their general identification, even in the event they might maybe perhaps not commonly share this with numerous individuals inside their life.

And simply as homosexual males, lesbians, and bisexuals perceive less commonality with transgender individuals than with every other, transgender grownups can happen never to perceive a great deal of commonality with lesbians, homosexual guys, and bisexuals. In specific, issues like exact exact same intercourse wedding can be regarded as less crucial by this combined team, and transgender grownups seem to be less associated with the LGBT community than are other sub teams. Here are a few of this sounds of transgender grownups within the study:

Sounds: Transgender Survey Participants

On Gender Identity .It finally seems comfortable to stay my body that is own and I am able to be whom I am, finally.” Transgender adult, age 24.I have experienced the majority of my life into the incorrect sex. Now personally i think more within the house on earth, though i need to admit, perhaps perhaps not totally. There clearly was still an abundance of phobic feeling.” Transgender adult, age 77

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