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State regarding the Union: From Polyamorous to Monogamous, Marriage to Divorce, an Ipsos / Global Information Survey Examines Relationships

Four in Ten (37%) Canadians Say Open or Polyamorous Partnerships/Marriages are appropriate, Support Decriminalization of Polygamy (36%)

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  • Sean Simpson Vice President, Canada, Public Affairs

Toronto, Ontario, July 31, 2018 — A brand new Ipsos poll carried out solely for Global Information has analyzed their state for the union in Canada – that is, the character of relationships between two (or higher!) individuals. The poll covers subjects such as for example power of relationships, wedding and what that looks like (arranged marriages, 2nd marriages, several types of relationships affairs, etc), monogamy, as well as marriages where couples reside apart or don’t have any intercourse. Okumaya devam et