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RELATIONSHIP ADVICE | JOHN GRAY INTERVIEW. Relationships was previously based on functions therefore we were hoping to find a role-mate, now our company is trying to find a soul mate

If the popular author of males Are From Mars, women can be From Venus visits Dubai we’re not merely one to skip out regarding the possibility to ask him some relationship advice. Right here the Emirates lady group grilled John Gray on why we are so not the same as the alternative intercourse and got him to show the tips for a successful relationship.

Do you know the many differences that are fundaguystal men and ladies in relationships?

For many thousands of years men and women have actually adjusted their partnership functions: stereotypically guys are protective and supply for females, and women can be the home-makers.

But have actuallyn’t those differences changed today?

They will have. Both women and men are coming closer together, not any longer is it necessary to disappear completely through the grouped family to give you for the family, no further do women need to give up delivering if you wish to improve a family. They are able to have kids at an adult age, have a working job while having a career too.

Generally speaking, that do you would imagine gets the upper turn in relationships? Okumaya devam et