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Demand a Travel Advance. Travel advances might be released to University faculty and staff to help using the purchase of travel associated costs.

Travel improvements should be required through Chrome River as a cost Report. Chrome River Pre-Approvals really should not be connected to the cost Report containing the advance demand.


Quantities should never add rail or air fares, since those costs might be compensated because of the Agency Travel Card (ATC) through Christopherson company Travel.

Improvements is only going to be granted in entire buck amounts and must certanly be $100 or even more.

Improvements are given to workers just, maybe not students, visitors, or contractors.

Improvements aren’t given to workers that have an acceptable personal credit line from the travel that is corporate, whoever business travel card happens to be terminated because of the business card system administrator, or whose travel advance privileges have now been revoked because of delinquent reconciled.

The Pay Date entered from the Chrome River request can’t be any longer than 10 times before the begin date of travel. It may need 2-3 times following the pay date for the tourists bank to help make the funds available, accordingly please plan. Okumaya devam et