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When you receive a text message, or a message through an app like Skype, Android Auto is capable of reading it out loud so you don’t have to take your eyes off the road. Android Auto is more of an alternate way to control an Android phone, so it’s easy to use while you’re driving. The display is designed to be easy to read at a glance and voice controls are heavily integrated via Google Assistant. Open the Android Auto app, then use voice commands to get directions, make calls, and stream music. Start your vehicle, connect your Android phone via a USB cable or Bluetooth, then follow the on-screen prompts.

These ideas were based on my Samsung Galaxy S3, but they can also apply to other Android devices or iPhones as well, since many of the concepts are similar. This is a common lament among smartphone users, of course. It’s apparent that as the power and capability behind our devices has increased this has also placed added strain on the batteries involved.

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Note that both classes, Handler and Activity, have a different lifetime. This is one of the reasons for the most, most annoying bugs that I see. Most of the time I am trying to make you all successful on Android, but I also work with companies trying to sort out their problems, and many of them come to me see more info with memory leaks. Inner non-static class can’t live in isolation from the scoping class, which is Activity. So please, when you come back to your code, take a look at all your inner classes and make sure that you don’t have a memory leak there.

  • MSAA stands for multisample anti-aliasing and this option quadruples its default performance.
  • By using WiFi
  • Inner non-static class can’t live in isolation from the scoping class, which is Activity.
  • You can run backups to manually inspect your data or periodically back it up to a Google Cloud Storage bucket.
  • Pay special attention to animations and scrolling, that’s where the smoothness matters the most.
  • This means that our app has to do all the logic to update the screen in that 16 ms.
  • The downside to manufacturer-approved OS updates is that they’re often more conservative than some advanced users would prefer.

Users can use their voice or tap on the actions related to the task. After being successful in the smart home category, the biggest challenge for Amazon is to bring Alexa to the cars. Amazon’s Echo Auto, introduced in 2018, is the first attempt at putting an Alexa-enabled device in the vehicles. However, the voice-only feature of the Echo Auto failed to impress the users. This new feature will be available to users in the US, Canada, Germany, France, India, Italy, Spain, UK, Australia, and New Zealand. In the coming weeks, the Auto mode will show up on both the Android and the iOS versions of the Alexa app.


This benefits in eliminating the huge breaks when the application has high memory piles to be collected. It is the process of splitting the application code to multiple-dex files with not more than 65KB of bytecode in each. The Startup time can be increased by 15% due to secondary dex file loading; therefore, Xamarin Linker can be used beforehand to reduce the application size. Read this article to know 10 things that you need to know while developing an android app using Xamarin to optimize process and reduce app size. To build more memory friendly applications, Android developers need to have a basic understanding of Android memory management. Developers should practice efficient memory usage, use analysis tools, and implement the tips provided in this paper.

Greenify is free, but if you want access to experimental features, you’ll need to pay for the ‘Donation’ version of the app, which currently costs $2.99. Some online storage that can be used Daum Cloud, Memopal, LeapDrive, Box.net, and Dropbox Comodo Cloud. Everything is an online backup service that provides cloud storage for diverse media files such as pictures, videos, songs, documents, programs or any other application.