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HelloJi.Chat about every thing Indian…at home and away

People do not think the ditto, however they simply want to enjoy momentarily but dont think of other people feelings however when they face such kinda things chances are they might understand.

But you then I am sure that soon he will be hurt too anyways…If he hurted. Therefore, dear cool off and make the things simple now. You thank you to Jesus if he touched u then… that he did not touch you? Did u ever think of that…?

a Muslim did in my experience exactly what this indian guy did to you,and we also got expecting and raised their child and I really hope Jesus will destroy him because even if he pray Allah,he is the worst scum,and if I became a man i killed him myself,so should i hate all Muslim in the world?I don’t.Should i hate you because you’re Muslim?I just Pray God He offers him exactly what he deserves

Amit, why did you modify your final remark if you ask me that u already sent ? Anyhow many thanks for your recommend if you ask me concerning this hate. We additionally believe if I actually do something very wrong to anybody, someday some body shall perform some same if you ask me. And same with you i don’t want regret for that. That’s why I usually said we believe KARMA. And also i said I think God’s justice and allow Jesus can give him some punishments. Nonetheless it’s not easy for me personally and my entire household to trust indian any longer after my previous experience with indian but i’ve to express good to learn you, Amit. Continually be an excellent man that is indian everyone else.

Hello Shalimar, well in addition have confidence in Karma too and if a guy if already hurted by some body then just how can i harmed to anyone dear…!

We dont desire if u hate to anybody but would love if u keep normal with everybody. okay. Therefore, just what do u do shalimar and from where country u are part of? Okumaya devam et