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So what Does the word ‘Relief’ suggest in Geography?

Just Just How Elevation is Represented on Maps

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  • M.A., Geography, Ca State University – Northridge
  • B.A., Geography, University of California – Davis

In geography, an area’s relief may be the distinction between its greatest and cheapest elevations. As an example, with both hills and valleys in your community, the area relief of Yosemite National Park is impressive. a two-dimensional relief map shows the topography of the provided area. Real relief maps have raised areas that represent various elevations. (You’ve probably seen them in college.) Nonetheless, if you are opting for a hike, they may be not to practical to hold in your pocket.

Flat Maps

Flat maps represent relief in lots of ways. On older maps that are flat you might see areas with lines of varied depth to express variants within the steepness of places. The lines, the steeper the area with this technique, known as “hachuring,” the thicker. As mapmaking evolved, hachuring had been replaced by shaded areas that represented variants into the steepness associated with the land. These kinds of maps may show altitude notations also at different areas in the map to provide watchers some context. Okumaya devam et