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Perceptions of main and additional relationships in polyamory

Portion of the time allocated to intercourse.

While all of the predictions talked about so far emphasize the prospective benefits caused by main relationships when compared with additional relationships, one prospective reward which can be caused by additional relationships involves activity that is sexual. Considering that secondary relationships are generally more recent partnerships and that the standard trajectory of sexual intercourse in relationships involves a better regularity of intercourse early on that decreases as time passes [39], we predicted that polyamorists would report a better period of time invested engaging in sexual intercourse (from the time that is total together) in additional relationships (theory 11). Notably, we concentrate on the portion as opposed to the regularity since it is assumed that individuals will save money amount of time in basic with main lovers. If individuals spend less time that is total additional when compared with main lovers, than regularity evaluations could be unfairly biased towards less regular intercourse with additional lovers by virtue of this not enough access. A percentage/proportion measure controls for the various period of time main and additional lovers invest together. Okumaya devam et