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Lesbian Sex Roles: The Best Guide pt.2

4. Usually The One Up

Strategy then the One Up will rock her world if your girlfriend’s vulva is especially sensitive down one side! Have her lie on her straight straight back in the side of the sleep or in the settee. You kneel on to the floor and raise certainly one of her legs up within the atmosphere. She then holds her leg in place by clasping her arms together under her thigh.

She is supported by you other leg on your own shoulder and begin to consume her away. She’ll manage to then add motion and guide your tongue and lips in to the spot that is perfect!


  • This place is unbeatable for cunnilingus since it tilts your partner’s hips and puts her clitoris into the ideal place!
  • The majority of women are specifically sensitive and painful down one part of the vulva. In case your partner currently understands, she can go to the side – that is best or even, simply switch sides – you’ll quickly find away which part feels perfect for her!


  • In case your partner does not have the flexibleness and/or power to carry certainly one of her legs up in this place, she will constantly sleep both of her feet in your arms or right straight back. It is maybe perhaps maybe not quite of the same quality for clitoral stimulation but do it’ll!
  • Similar to the Lazy Girl, this place could be tough on the knees. To ensure that you endure the exact distance, utilize a great pillow that is soft pillow!

5. The Timeless 69

Method If the art of providing and getting can be your jam, have actually your spouse take a nap on her straight straight back and very carefully spot one leg on each side of her head, dealing with their foot. Okumaya devam et