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Endometriosis – administration after menopause. What you should understand

Key Points

Medical management with either the combined oral contraceptive pill or remedies that induce a hypo-oestrogenic state are employed in premenopausal ladies.

Proof is sparse but present tips favour continuous combined oestrogen- progestogen preparations as opposed to unopposed oestrogens for females with a brief history of significant endometriosis even with hysterectomy.

Lack of oestrogen either through medical administration or surgery has implications both for bone tissue and health that is cardiovascular.


There isn’t any theory that is unifying the pathogenesis of endometriosis. The idea of retrograde menstruation ended up being proposed in 1920 and it is sustained by the choosing of greater prices of endometriosis in females with outflow obstruction. But, menstrual bloodstream is oftentimes observed in the pelvis in women without endometriosis, generally there should be other facets adding. There clearly was a familial pattern to endometriosis and a high concordance in monozygotic twins. Genetic research reports have identified a few prospect genes which predispose to endometrial cellular survival and inhibition of cellular apoptosis. Hormone factors include increased oestrogen responsiveness in endometriosis with up-regulation of aromatase compared with normal tissue that is endometrial. Defective resistant clearance of ectopic tissue that is endometrial escalation in infection also add (1).

Premenopausal handling of endometriosis

Historically, the dental contraceptive tablet (OCP) with greater doses of ethinyl oestradiol happens to be first-line treatment, but also low-dose OCPs relieve pain more somewhat than placebo. Okumaya devam et